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Landlord/Tenant Issues

A lease agreement is a legally binding contract between a Landlord and a Tenant. It is important to review the lease terms carefully to ensure that you fully understand the landlord’s guidelines, as well as noticing anything in the contract that might be legally unethical. On the other hand, a lease agreement gives a landlord certain protection so that they are within their rights to act if a tenant does not abide by the terms of the initial agreement.

While it is not uncommon for a Landlord / tenant to butt heads at times, the initial lease agreement is in place to ensure that a landlord is not overstepping their bounds into unlawful territory, and likewise for the current tenant. Landlord-tenant issues are deceptively complicated when handled outside of court, and often the tenant won’t realize there is a problem until it is too late. Evictions, security deposit violations, sanitary code violations, and other issues are serious problems for both landlords and tenants. Whether you are a landlord trying to evict a tenant or a tenant who wants to preserve their rights, legal representation is needed. If you are experiencing any of the issues below, your next best step is to hire a legal professional.


Common Landlord / Tenant Issues


Here is a list of some common problems & disputes that can arise between a landlord and tenant:



If you are a tenant or a landlord dealing with an unlawful situation it is best that you do not try and handle this situation on your own, as the problem can escalate and spiral out of control. In the event of a landlord or tenant dispute, your best bet is to hire a lawyer to mitigate the problem for you directly. For help navigating a landlord / tenant dispute, you can call attorney Bucklin at 781-632-8675 or contact him directly on his website

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