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Estate Plans

Attorney Andrew Bucklin focuses on the important task of planning for the future.  This is often a difficult process as it forces people to plan for unforeseen, unpleasant future events.  However, this process is essential if you want to be the person to determine how your estate is handled and how you are taken care of later in life. Attorney Bucklin understands this is a sensitive time and offers the following services at affordable rates.


Estate Planning Services



By planning ahead and working with Attorney Bucklin to draft these documents, you can potentially increase the value of your assets that get passed on to your spouse or children. This is possible by allowing your beneficiaries to have immediate access to your assets by avoiding a statutory one year credit period which occurs when an estate is probated. For example, you could place your assets into a living, revocable trust and allow devisees to retain these assets at the moment of your passing, rather than having to wait out the creditor period. This immediate access to funds can help pay for living expenses and burial costs, which is a great relief for any family going through the grieving process.


Another benefit to planning these documents in advance is that it allows your family members to avoid the court system, further saving money. By investing a few hundred dollars to draft these documents you will be able to appoint your own guardians and conservators, which will save thousands of dollars in court filings as well as the time of your appointees.


As our parents begin to age, we are not only faced with the idea of their mortality but also that of our own. The process of estate planning can be a daunting and confusing process. By allowing Attorney Bucklin to assist in guiding you through the process, he can give clear and sensible information on what is best for your particular situation. Planning ahead allows you to make the decisions about your assets and not leave it in the hands of the courts to make your decisions. Unfortunately, while the pressure to be proactive and plan ahead may be uncomfortable, it is something that needs to be done before a parent is unable to do so. For more information on estate planing, you can call attorney Bucklin at 781-632-8675 or contact him directly on his website.

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