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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Your Hours?


Attorney Andrew Bucklin can be reached Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM.

What Do You Specialize In?


Bucklin specializes in the following practices. Click on them to learn more about them!


Where Do You Practice?


Andrew Bucklin is happy to provide his legal services all across Massachusetts. For a list of his service areas and more information about them, click here!

What Tenant Issues Can You Help Me Resolve?


Sometimes, the tenants you have can bring serious issues along with them. Below is a list of the tenant issues that Attorney Bucklin can work with you to resolve:


  • Failure to pay rent

  • Selling/using illegal drugs

  • Extensive property damage (beyond the normal wear and tear)

  • Noise complaints

  • Nuisances

  • Security Deposit

  • Tenant Vetting

  • How To Be A Successful Landlord

How Can I Reach You?


You can contact Attorney Bucklin by email at You can also call him at 781-632-8675, or click here to fill out a contact form!

What Are Your Elder Law Services?


Attorney Andrew Bucklin is happy to provide elder law services across Massachusetts. Below you can find a full list of what he offers:


  • Wills

  • Trusts

  • Estate Planning

  • Elder fraud/abuse

  • Medicaid/Masshealth 

  • Long-term planning

  • Asset Protection

  • Health Care Proxies

  • HIPAA forms

  • Power of Attorney

What Is Estate Planning?


Attorney Andrew Bucklin is happy to provide you with all types of advanced or last-minute estate planning. An estate plan is a set of documents that manages and protects a person’s property and person while living, then distributes it after they have passed away. See a full list of Bucklin’s estate planning services below!


  • Last Will and Testament

  • Trusts

  • Power of Attorney

  • Health Care Proxy

  • HIPAA 

  • Probate Avoidance 

  • Tax minimization

  • Healthcare

  • Long-term Care Concerns

  • Asset Preservation and Distribution 

  • Protections For Surviving Family/Friends

What Services Do You Offer Real Estate Agents?


Attorney Andrew Bucklin is happy to work with real estate agents to resolve any inquiries they may have. Below is a list of services that he can offer those in the industry.


  • Landlord/tenant issues

  • Buying/selling properties

  • Apartment rentals

Contact Attorney Andrew Bucklin

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