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Sanitary Code Violations

Every property, regardless of its size or classification, has a set of standards it needs to meet in order for it to be habitable. One of the most crucial standards that a property can meet is its sanitary code. This set of rules is put in place by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and is the guidelines to maintain property health for both owner and occupant. The majority of these aren’t easy to break; rules like having a toilet in your bathroom are easy to abide by. Here are the most common sanitary code violations that you’ll want to prevent!

The Most Common Sanitary Code Violations


  • Plumbing: Every tenant has the right to working toilets, sinks and showers in their apartment. A tenant can’t cry foul over a small issue, however; for a property to be deemed uninhabitable, it has to be a severe issue that could potentially jeopardize their health.

  • Structural Issues: Structural integrity is a serious issue that can take many forms. Problems like leaky ceilings, broken deck railings and broken stairways can cause concern. Don’t delay if you see an issue like this; act quickly to resolve it!

  • Pest Infestations: Nobody wants to deal with pests in their apartment! The owner here is responsible for maintaining things like screen doors to prevent them from getting in. If a tenant sees them inside, however, it becomes their responsibility to eliminate them.

Contact Attorney Bucklin Today


The more you can do to prevent these issues before any prospective tenants move in, the less likely it is that you’ll have to deal with them later. If you believe that your property is in violation of the sanitary code, Attorney Bucklin can advise you on how to proceed! He can also advise landlords on the best ways of preventing any violations. Click here to fill out a contact form and get in touch with him!

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