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Probate of Estates

When a loved one passes away, their estate will often go through the court-managed process called probate. This is when and where their assets are distributed and managed if there is no will. If your loved one has a trust or will then the court-managed process would not be necessary unless you want to transfer ownership of the assets.


In most cases, typically the spouse or an adult child will be appointed if there is no will for the deceased. That appointed person will be officially declared the representative or executor of the estate. Once the person has been granted the power, they can then gather and value any remaining assets, settle any bills, and then distribute any remaining assets to their beneficiaries.


Probate Estate Services


Some of the common following tasks that are involved with the probate of estate cases:


If you are faced with going through probate, turn to attorney Andrew Bucklin who will assist you without any fear or doubt that every detail will be thought of and taken care of. He has spent years guiding his clients through probate cases efficiently. If you or a loved one is facing probate of the estate then it’s important to work with someone who can explain the process thoroughly to you. For help navigating probate of estates, you can call attorney Bucklin at 781-632-8675 or contact him directly on his website.

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