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Tenant Violations

Part of signing a lease is it gives the landlord protection over a tenant if they do not abide by certain code administered by the landlord or the town that the property is located within. Andrew Bucklin recommends that all landlords do the necessary due diligence before offering the lease to a potential tenant. Two popular ways to do this are; background checks and pulling potential tenant's credit reports. Hindsight is 20/20 though, and Andrew Bucklin is here to help you resolve any issues that your tenant's possess. Experience, efficiency and proficiency are qualities needed when hiring a lawyer to deal with a bad tenant.


Common Tenant Problems Warranting Eviction

  • Failure to pay rent 

  • Various Nuisances 

  • Frequent Noise Complaints 

  • Selling or using illegal drugs

  • Extensive damage to property (beyond wear and tear)


Representation Of You (Landlord


Attorney Bucklin is here to guide you through the daunting and complicated eviction process. Attorney Bucklin has years of experience representing landlords before, during and after a eviction. Hiring a lawyer for the process itself is vital so you understand the rights you have as a landlord, are properly prepared for the eviction process and also as you prepare for a new tenancy. 

If you find yourself in a difficult situation with a tenant who is violating their lease for any reason, an eviction is an option always worth considering. It's important to note that these problems usually get worse overtime and you should act immediately. Prolonging the process or procrastinating can result in a bad tenant taking advantage of your property, and can further damage relationships you have with your other tenants. The law governing the relationship between the tenant and landlord can be grey, and it's my job to make sure you understand the process from beginning to end, and also resolve the dispute as efficiently as possible.

Tenant/Landlord Solutions With Attorney Bucklin

Attorney Bucklin is ready to represent you in Massachusetts at a moments notice, Attorney Bucklin is able to give your case attention and respond to actions taken by the court efficiently. If you are experiencing tenant trouble, visit the contact page or give Attorney Bucklin a phone call as soon as possible to learn more. 

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