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Massachusetts Real Estate Services

Andrew Bucklin has been an esteemed landlord/tenant lawyer and is expanding his expertise into real estate. I am a licensed Massachusetts real estate broker. I combine landlord-tenant law with real estate issues. There are many traps for the wary when involved in any form of real estate transaction. Purchase and sales of residential real estate, rental real estate, or investing in real estate require an attorney to avoid any traps.

Apartment Rentals

Whether you are the landlord or the prospective tenant, apartment rentals can be a straightforward process. A landlord advertises an apartment for rent. A renter shows up with the first month’s rent and moves in. That’s asking for trouble! Smart landlords or renters do due diligence on the other before the money is changed hands. Those who do their homework before committing save themselves major headaches down the road. The key to landlord-tenant problem avoidance is in the preparation and attention to detail. Attorney Andrew Bucklin can assist in this process.

Buying Or Selling A Home

Buying or selling a home is complex.  Investing in a home is the biggest purchase you will make in your lifetime. It is a multi-step process and is complicated. An attorney seldom represents the buyer’s interests. Rather, their lender hires an attorney to represent the lender’s interests.


Sellers need to be represented by an attorney. The Seller attorney prepares the Purchase and Sales Agreement and Deed, reviews the documents in the conveyance, as well as, works to solve any problems that arise during the conveyance. For instance, a problem with the title to the property, unrecorded mortgage note payoffs that will hold the sale up, plot plan problems, and many other issues that can come up. Having an attorney represent your interests as a Seller is vital.

Probate of Estate & Home Sales (Simplify the Process)

Are you in the middle of probate and need to sell your home to cover outstanding debts or bills? Contact Andrew today to handle all your probate and property sale needs. Learn more about our probate of estate services here <link>

Contact Andrew Bucklin Today For Any & All of Your Real Estate Needs!

Andrew Bucklin is a certified real estate agent in the state of Massachusetts, when it comes to real estate sales in Massachusetts, if you have any specific questions or concerns regarding the renting, buying, or selling process, please reach out to Attorney Andrew Bucklin at 781-632-8675 or contact him directly!

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