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5 Types of Problem Tenants And How To Deal With Them

When it comes to property management there are plenty of aspects that require experience, especially when it comes to the less enviable aspects of the job. Property managers have to know how to keep their tenants happy, along with how to deal with problem tenants. There will always be tenants that roll through that seem to never be fully satisfied. Of course, a thorough screening system can help you to filter out the majority of problem tenants . While this does tend to help, there are always unforeseen circumstances that might hit at any time.

How To Deal With Problem Tenants

Dealing with tenants can take up a lot of your time and depending on the severity of them could call for serious eviction or legal action. Property managers should be well versed in the local and state laws when it comes to tenants. On top of that having a legal attorney to ensure that you do not walk yourself into a lawsuit is ideal.

Late Payers or Partial Payers

One of the most common issues that property managers run into are related to rent payments. Making it clear upfront with the tenant that late payments are not tolerated can help mend this issue. However, even with this situation and a security deposit on the line there still is a chance that you will have a tenant that is late to pay, partially paying or not paying their rent at all. If you happen to find yourself in this situation you should be firm as your lease should clearly indicate the action that will be taken if this occurs.

Depending on your local and state laws a tenant that is constantly turning in late payments can be subject to eviction. However, it is important to keep in mind that depending on the state laws on eviction and late fee notices have been altered during the pandemic.

Damaging DIYers

Another big issue that normally pops up with problem tenants is the matter of property damage. This includes unapproved improvements, negligence, or even just property abuse. A good property manager will have ample videos and pictures of the unit that is being rented out before the new tenant moves in for record. Having both before and after photos of the unit will be great to add to the inspection report.

One of the more complicated issues with damage is unapproved improvements. This can include a tenant “improving” paint, shelving, new fixtures, or even simply hammering nails into the wall. If the upgrade is not deemed attractive by the property manager and owner there may be conflict if the tenants are asked to convert it back before leaving.

Expert Complainers

Tenants have the right to complain if things are not working the way they should. However, property managers should draw the line as soon as possible. If there is no distinct line a property manager can be bombarded with calls and outrageous requests. If you feel you are in a situation where they are taking advantage of your eagerness, remember that while your rental must be legally habitable, there is no legal obligation to immediately fill their requests.

The Law Breakers

There is a list of rules that a tenant has to follow in order to rent a property. By signing a lease on a rented apartment that means that the tenant has to agree to abide by these rules or risk eviction. For example one of the most common policies that are broken are pet policies. There are several other types of lawbreakers that a property owner might encounter among their tenants.

These include the ones who grow marijuana, sell drugs, use drugs, get drunk in public, or engage in practices that are legally restricted in your area. If laws are being broken or you fear for your or other tenants’ safety, call the police. Remember that even if a tenant is arrested, their lease does not become automatically void. A good attorney will help you with filing an eviction.

Contact Attorney Bucklin

If you are having trouble with a tenant and are questioning if you have grounds for eviction or legal action contact Attorney Bucklin. Attorney Bucklin will take the time to make sure that you understand all legal routes you can take. For more information on tenant laws reach out by calling Attorney Bucklin at 781-632-8675 or by filling out a contact form on the website!

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