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Legal Services For Cambridge, MA Residents

Right across the Charles River from the beautiful city of Boston lies another fantastic city in Cambridge. Those that are familiar with the area have a good idea of its claim to fame. It’s home to two of the most prestigious universities in the world: the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University. Cambridge is also a bustling center for entertainment, as it is home to numerous noteworthy bars, restaurants, and parks that are perfect for exploration. 


Regardless of where you live in Massachusetts, legal services are always needed. You shouldn’t settle for just anyone when it comes to planning some of the more important aspects of life. Attorney Andrew Bucklin can help you navigate through these processes with ease with legal services offered to Cambridge residents!

Our Legal Services For Cambridge, MA Residents


Attorney Andrew Bucklin grew up around Boston and has been proud to provide Cambridge residents with the legal needs they require. His main specialization is estate planning and all of the processes that encompass it. He can help you with many other legal needs in addition to this, including:


Why Choose Attorney Bucklin?


If you’re looking for an attorney with vast experience and knowledge of his craft, you’ll find nobody better than Attorney Andrew Bucklin! As a longtime member of the Massachusetts Bar Association, Bucklin has developed a number of different areas of expertise to make him the best candidate for your legal needs. Processes like estate planning can be especially challenging to navigate on your own, but Attorney Bucklin will make situations like these seem like a breeze! When you choose him for your legal needs, you’ll know you’re getting the best candidate for the job regardless of your calling. If you have an estate planning, real estate, or elder law need in Cambridge, contact him today to learn how he can help you!


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