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Legal Services For Winchester Residents

Winchester is a town in Massachusetts that's only 8 miles North of downtown Boston. Winchester borders Stoneham, Woburn, Medford and Arlington. It's also a short drive from Andrew Bucklin's office in Lynn, Massachusetts.

The town is comprised of over 22,00 residents living within over 7,800 households. Estate planning services are vital for every town and city in the United States, and with a population as big as Winchester, it's important that there's a professional who can get the job done for you nearby. Andrew Bucklin makes it his duty to provide excellent service to Winchester.


With plenty of unique families in Winchester, it's important that each situation is looked at differently and the families are provided the best game plan for estate planning services. Estate Planning  helps provide peace of mind regarding the management and disposal of one’s estate. It's extremely valuable as loved ones age. There are benefits of estate planning if you don't have children as well, such as  minimizing gift, income tax, and more. Don't wait, secure your future for your loved ones and yourself. 


Our Legal Services for Winchester, MA Residents


As a lifetime resident of Massachusetts, Attorney Andrew Bucklin is dedicated to providing fellow residents with superior legal services. Attorney Andrew Bucklin's positive reputation throughout the state of Massachusetts has been earned by saving individuals money and time. Whether you’re looking for mediation services, wills and trusts, or anything in between, contact Attorney Andrew Bucklin! 


   If you're a landlord/ tenant and are having problems with another party, if you need work/counsel for estate planning, elder law, and probate services, Bucklin Law is the right place to call. Bucklin Law also offers other legal services to the residents of Winchester: 


Contact Us for Estate Planning in Winchester!

If you are living in the Winchester, MA area and are in need of legal services, contact us via our contact form​, or contact Andrew Directly via phone or email at 781-632-8675 or!  Attorney Bucklin can help answer any of your questions and promptly returns all inquiries via email or telephone. We look forward to hearing from you at Bucklin Law. 



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