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Probating an Estate

Administering an estate through the Probate Court is a lengthy and complicated process. Filing a Probate of an estate requires a thorough understanding of the decedent’s estate before anything else can be done. There are a whole host of variables to be considered before determining what type of estate administration is necessary for the particular matter. Every person’s estate is unique to them. There are a few questions you should ask to determine this:


  • Is there a need to Probate the decedent’s estate? 

  • If so, what type of administration is required?

  • What are the assets and debts?  

  • Is there a will, and is it a valid will?


Preparing the Forms

If a mountain of forms isn’t required, is it really a court case? The same is true here; there are many forms that need to be filed with the Probate Court. The trick is to know which ones to file in your specific situation. Most people who try to handle it themselves end up costing themselves and the beneficiaries a lot of time and money. When it comes to administering a loved one’s estate, not working with an attorney can end up having a lot of unintended consequences.

The Big Picture

Most non-attorneys mean well, but are not appropriately versed in estate administration. Those that do get asked to do it aren’t aware of the challenges that this duty comes with, including the fact that emotions run high. Long-dormant family issues have a way of reappearing, which leads to lots of hard feelings and anxiety. Non-attorneys don’t expect these emotions and the scrutiny from other family members popping up. Their lack of knowledge about legal and tax-related matters will impact how much money beneficiaries will get in the end. 

Contact Attorney Bucklin Today

Additionally, there are documents that the court requires for more specific circumstances. Assembling the above documents and making sure everything's in order can be a tricky process. Attorney Andrew Bucklin can walk you through all of the steps of the process, helping you as you go to ensure that everything is accounted for. For the best representation in Massachusetts, contact Attorney Bucklin today!

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