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Why Are Elder Care Attorneys Helpful?

elder law

Elder law attorneys are different from other lawyers because they focus on helping older people rather than handling specific legal problems. They work by helping families improve the independence and quality of life for seniors while protecting their savings. Elder law attorneys make sure seniors get the care they need by using family and government resources wisely. They are skilled at working with older people and their families on various issues and know about the resources available to support seniors. In this blog, we will do a deep dive into what elder law attorneys do and why you need one in your life.

What Do Elder Law Attorneys Do?

An elder law attorney specializes in preventing and solving issues for older adults in various areas. They help with health and long-term care by securing Medicaid, Medicare, and veterans benefits and provide advice on health, Medigap, long-term care, prescription, disability, and life insurance. They assist with planning for disability, drafting financial and healthcare powers of attorney and living wills, and offering fiduciary representation for guardians, conservators, trustees, and executors. They counsel on legal capacity, preventing elder abuse, and maximizing retirement benefits like social security and pensions. They also advise on housing options, advocate for residents' rights, and assist with estate planning, including wills, trusts, and minimizing taxes on retirement accounts.

Member Of NAELA

Many attorneys say they practice elder law, but here's how to find the right one. First, check if the attorney is certified in elder law, meaning they have the right experience and ongoing education. Also, see if they are a member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA), which shows they are committed to elder law and have access to special resources. Additionally, ask if they are part of NAELA’s Council of Advanced Practitioners or have been chosen as a NAELA Fellow, as these honors indicate a high level of expertise.

Find An Elder Law Attorney Near You

Elder Law Attorneys often collaborate to maximize the independence and quality of life for older persons. They assist with securing and funding health and long-term care, obtaining essential legal documents, protecting those at risk of neglect or exploitation, maximizing government benefits, and finding suitable housing and care. Elder law attorneys can more holistically address these and other needs of older individuals. Make sure you do your research and find the best elder law attorneys near you. 

Book A Free Consultation With The Top Elder Law Attorney On The North Shore, MA

The elder law and Medicaid planning expertise from Attorney Andrew Bucklin can help you use legal strategies to preserve your assets as much as possible. He offers assistance with both advance planning and crisis planning, advises you on the spend-down process, and helps you avoid penalties from certain asset transfers. Contact him online through our contact form or call him at 781-632-8675 to schedule a confidential consultation with the best elder law and Medicaid planning attorney in Lynn, MA on the North Shore of Massachusetts.

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