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Research suggests that 70% of retirees will need long-term healthcare. The staggering costs of long-term health care have the potential to drain your family’s resources. The average price of nursing home level care in Massachusetts is $12,000 to $15,000 per month, making it unaffordable for the great majority of families. However, that doesn’t mean that making these payments is impossible. There is a government program available to help pay for this long-term care. Medicaid is the Federal program administered by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, which the state calls MassHealth.

How Do I Qualify For MassHealth?

The MassHealth regulations are complicated and lengthy. An applicant has to meet strict financial guidelines and other criteria to be considered eligible for MassHealth coverage.  

Here are the most general qualifications you’ll need to meet to be eligible:


  • Be a Massachusetts citizen

  • Be a U.S. national, legal alien, citizen or permanent resident

  • Have $2,000.00 or less in countable assets 


Having a proper estate plan in place long before the need for MassHealth will spare you and your family the worries of how to pay for your long-term care and their financial well-being. Attorney Andrew Bucklin can guide you through this complicated process by arranging your assets to meet the stringent eligibility criteria.

Contact Andrew Bucklin For MassHealth Assistance


Attorney Andrew Bucklin has helped others in need of MassHealth to pay for long-term care. He is always happy to extend his MassHealth expertise to get you and your family the coverage you need. To get in contact with him, call 781-632-8675 or click here to contact him directly.

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