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Complete These Important Documents Before Your Child Goes to College

Sending your child off to college is a significant milestone in both their life and yours. It's a time of excitement and also a time when you, as a parent, realize that your child is now an adult. Your now adult child is responsible for themselves, at least legally. Typically overlooked, estate planning documents should be part of the college planning more so than pre-paid calling cards and clean underwear. The documents listed below can ease the transition to adulthood and allow parents to act on behalf of their adult child legally. This blog post will guide you through the essential paperwork you must consider before your child goes to college.

Imagine yourself in a situation where you need to do something for the adult child that the adult child didn’t do before going off to school. The bank, doctor’s office, or other place cannot speak to you because your adult child is 18 years old. It happens. Having these documents in place eliminates this aggravation.

Power Of Attorney

A Durable Power of Attorney (DPOA) is valid when your adult child signs it. A DPOA empowers a parent to act on behalf of their adult child as if they were physically there doing it themselves. A DPOA can be used for typical day-to-day errands such as banking, paying bills, and signing contracts and other legal documents, as well as emergencies that require your adult child to make decisions and sign documents, etc.

Health Care Proxy

A Health Care Proxy (HCP) is a legally binding document that allows an adult to choose a person (agent) to make health care decisions in a situation where the adult is incapacitated and unable to convey their wishes to a health care provider. For example, if someone were to suffer an illness where treating physicians determine that the patient cannot communicate their wishes for health care, the agent can then step in and make health care decisions on behalf of the incapacitated patient.


HIPAA Release Form

A Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) release form grants access to your adult child's medical records. This is useful for non-emergency situations as well as emergencies. For example, getting vaccination records or other records needed to participate in sports or other activities while away at college.

Contact Attorney Andrew Bucklin For Legal Assistance

By taking care of these crucial tasks before they head off to college, you'll help ensure a smooth transition and provide them with the necessary support to thrive in their new academic environment. When preparing for college, contact Attorney Andrew Bucklin for assistance with all of these legal documents. He understands that navigating can be overwhelming and challenging so he will guide you and your family through the process. Contact Attorney Bucklin today for more information on these essential documents before sending your child to college!

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