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Legal Services For Lynn Residents

Over three and a half centuries, Lynn, Massachusetts has evolved from a once sparse colonial settlement to what Essex County residents now recognize as the largest city in the county. Along with being the largest city within Essex County and 9th largest municipality in Massachusetts, Lynn boasts a wide variety of public attractions such as community parks (Lynn Shore Reservation, Lynn Woods Reservation, Lynn Heritage State Park), local art attractions (The Lynn Museum/LynnArts, Lynn’s Memorial Auditorium), historic architecture, and much more! The police station is located on Washington street and was the location where Andrew Bucklin served for 25 years on the town of Lynn police force. This experience along with his extensive education make him the best option in the area for legal services. All of these aspects of the community, in addition to the city being a commercial and urban manufacturing center, Lynn makes for a densely populated and culturally diverse town, home to residents filled with incredible amounts of pride for Lynn’s history.


Legal Services in Lynn, Massachusetts


As a lifelong resident of Lynn, Attorney Andrew Bucklin specializes in Estate Planning and is proud to offer fellow residents superior legal services at a reasonable rate. Legal services include the following:


In addition to landlord / tenant disputes, estate planning, elder law, and probate services, Bucklin Law offers other legal services to the residents of Lynn:


Contact Attorney Andrew Buckling for Legal Services in Lynn, MA


If you are living in the Lynn, MA area and are in need of legal services, contact us via our contact form​, or contact Andrew Directly via phone or email at 781-632-8675 or!  Attorney Bucklin can help answer any of your questions and promptly returns all inquiries via email or telephone.



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