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Legal Services For Hamilton Residents

Hamilton Massachusetts is located on the eastern side of Hamilton County.  Hamilton is a small town, but has a lot to see! From the beautiful Chebacco Woods to the Pingree Woodlot there are plenty of sights to be explored.  Attorney Bucklin has had the privilege of offering his services to the great community of Hamilton for many years! Hamilton, Massachusetts is a rural-suburban town in the eastern central portion of Massachusetts. Its location on the North Shore of Massachusetts makes Hamilton a great place to enjoy to coast. With a smaller population of about 7,000 residents, Hamilton, MA is a quaint town that prides itself on community involvement. 

Attorney Andrew Bucklin specializes in estate planning, landlord/tenant issues, the probate of estates, and more. Attorney Andrew Bucklin is capable of handling your legal needs. Estate Planning is a misunderstood necessity. Consultation between attorney and client may be all that is needed to protect you and your family going forward. Estate Planning is a simple process that will remove stress and provide peace of mind.  Regardless of the service you are looking for, Attorney Bucklin is the bridge to stress-free legal processes.


Our Legal Services for Hamilton, MA Residents


Attorney Andrew Bucklin’s Estate Planning legal services can help to ensure that you won't be anxious about the well-being of your assets, as they will be prepared by a professional to your liking. Such services include; wills and trusts, healthcare proxies, and more. As a lifelong Lynn resident, Attorney Andrew Bucklin is able to provide quality expertise and counsel, as well as affordable prices. If you need estate planning services and live Hamilton, MA area I am the person to call. I also specialize in the following; 

In addition to landlord/tenant disputes, estate planning, elder law, and probate services, Bucklin Law offers expertise and great service in  other legal services to the residents of Hamilton:


Contact Us for Estate Planning in Hamilton!


Estate Planning is important for arranging and managing the assets after someone has passed. Bigger law firms can't give you the attention to detail, service, and quality communication that I am able to provide. If you are a resident of Hamilton, MA area and are in need of legal services, contact me via my contact form, or contact me directly via phone or email at 781-632-8675 or!  I am a professional who can help answer any of your questions and promptly returns all inquiries via email or telephone.



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