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Estate Planning & Elder Law Services For Andover, MA Residents

Attorney Andrew Bucklin specializes in estate planning, elder law, the probate of estates, and more in Andover, MA. Attorney Andrew Bucklin is capable of handling your legal needs. Estate Planning is a misunderstood necessity. Consultation between attorney and client may be all that is needed to protect you and your family going forward. Estate Planning is a simple process that will remove stress and provide peace of mind.  Regardless of the service you are looking for, Attorney Bucklin is the bridge to stress-free legal processes. Attorney Bucklin has worked with many residents in the Andover area over the past years. With the close proximity to the city, Andover gives the possibility of quick access to Attorney Bucklin and his legal services.  


Legal Services For Andover, MA Residents


There are a variety of legal services available from Attorney Andrew Bucklin for those in the Andover, MA area, including the following Estate Planning services:

  • Estate Planning

    • This important process helps individuals plan for the distribution of their assets after they pass away. There are specific estate planning laws in Massachusetts that include legal requirements for wills, trusts, and probate. 

  • Probate of Estates

    • Probate is the legal process of administering a deceased person’s estate. The three types of probate in Massachusetts are formal probate, informal probate, and late and limited formal probate.

  • Elder Law

    • One may opt for elder law services from Attorney Bucklin in Massachusetts because he focuses on the needs of you first. He can help you with a variety of legal issues like estate planning, probate, guardianship, and Medicaid planning.

  • And more!





Will & Trust Creation In Andover, MA

In addition to elder law, estate planning, elder law, and probate services, Bucklin Law offers other legal services to the residents of Andover, such as:

  • Determining Massachusetts Medicaid Eligibility

    • Attorney Bucklin will work with you and your family to determine if you meet the eligibility for Medicaid in Massachusetts. You need to meet a certain income and asset limit to be considered. Even if you are over the income or asset limits, there are still some alternative ways to qualify for Medicaid in Massachusetts.

  • Wills, Trusts, and Estate Plans

    • Estate planning, which covers wills and trusts, is best to figure out with an estate planning attorney like Andrew. He will make sure your estate plan is legally sound and meets all of your needs.

  • And more!








Contact Andrew for Legal & Elder Law Services in Andover, MA

If you are living in the Andover, MA area and are in need of legal services, contact us via our contact form​, or contact Andrew directly via phone or email at 781-632-8675 or! Attorney Bucklin can help answer any of your questions and promptly returns all inquiries via email or telephone.

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