Massachusetts Guardianship Association & Affiliation

Andrew Bucklin is a proud member of the Massachusetts Guardianship Association; this organization unites professionals and families to protect and ensure that every individual's voice is heard in times of need.


The MGA is a voluntary program that works in conjunction with lawyers, professionals, and individuals through education, fostering connections, and elevating the standard of guardianship. Click here  to learn more about the MGA directly on their site or read on for a brief description of their services and how Andrew Bucklin can help in a time of need.


Guardianship of an Adult

This legal process is for adults who have been clinically diagnosed with a medical condition that makes them unable to communicate or make important decisions about their self-care, health & safety. Massachusetts Courts can appoint a Guardian to assist on some or all decisions on an individual’s behalf.

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Guardianship of a Minor


Massachusetts courts can give custody to a guardian of a parent gives permission or if a court determines that a parent is unable to provide adequate care. A guardian will take on the role of the parent to provide a stable home which also includes making important decisions regarding a child’s health, education as well as their safety.


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Conservatorship is similar providing guardianship for an adult however, this revolves more around financial, business affairs, and property management if they are impaired. A conservatorship also helps to protect minors regarding financial matters, as well as protecting a minor’s estate.


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Health Care and Financial Services


Before beginning the guardianship or conservatorship process, it is important to ensure that the adult has established or has the capacity to sign a Health Care Proxy or Durable Power of Attorney. These legal documents will help to ensure that their wishes are met and cannot be changed or modified without the guardian or individuals’ direct consent.


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